Severn Bore Wonder!

I love geography! No matter what happens in the world human nature and the environment itself continue to amaze me. A once-in-a-decade tidal wave surged down the River Severn this morning carrying a horde of surfers relishing the rare natural phenomenon. Hundreds of people from all over the country have lined the river bank to witness the spectacle. The huge wave, caused by the incoming tide being funnelled up the narrowing Severn Estuary, was expected to reach more than 5.4 metres (17.7ft) high. Scores of surfers tried to ride the five-star bore as it headed upstream earlier.

The Severn Estuary experiences the second highest tide anywhere in the world and the bore’s average speed is 10 mph. Bores can range between one star, measuring 4.5 metres (14.8ft) to 4.6 metres (15ft), and five-star, measuring 5.4 metres (17.7ft) and above.

Joanne Hillman, of the British Surfing Association, said board enthusiasts had been competing to take the longest ride on the Severn Bore since the 1960s. “It’s pretty dangerous with trees and debris in the water so only skilled surfers take on the Bore”.

This sounds like a mighty challenge I might have to do one day!