Barcelona 2010

This year I have had the chance to organise the A’Level field trip to Barcelona. I have organised many field trips over the years but this was my first overseas trip. At Gillingham School the Geography Department have been going to Barcelona for the last twelve years with much success. Initially it was quite daunting planning a trip overseas but I have had much help and guidance for which I am especially grateful for – thank you team!

For our A’Level the students are requested to undertake several days fieldwork which they are assessed for in January as part of an examination. Our focus for the trip was rebranding and extreme weather. Going to Barcelona lets us complete all these topics and at a much cheaper cost compared to the UK. We also complete our fieldwork with the Barcelona Field Studies Centre who are very experienced team of geographers run by Derek Geary.

Day one consists of an orientation tour of Barcelona city and a pre-fieldwork session outling the field trip.

Day two is primarily the extreme weather day focusing on flash flooding at the River Ribes.

Day three is the rural rebranding day in the Priorat region of Spain looking at the success of the wine industry.

Day Four is the urban rebranding day in El Raval looking at the success of the flagship development projects.  

After each day the students work extremely hard on looking at and evaluating their methods, results and conclusions. Well done and thank you to everyone involved – you were all brilliant!