Public Speaking

TeachMeet Dorset
Organiser and Presenter October 2014
Organiser and Presenter June 2014
Organiser and Presenter March 2014
Presenter October 2013
Organiser and Presenter May 2013
Presenter November 2012

TeachMeet Taunton
Presenter November 2014

TeachMeet Wessex
Presenter June 2014

TeachMeet Andover
Presenter June 2015

BETT 2014
Presenter at SSAT Speed Learning January 2014

Speed Learning
Presenter at Downlands Primary School November 2013

IPACA ‘Impact GCSE Revision’ April 2014
Gillingham School ‘Innovation’ February 2013
Cove School ‘Sharing Good Practice’ April 2007
Cove School ‘Teaching & Learning’ February 2006

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