What would Bowie do?

What would Bowie do?

Bowie. David Bowie. Yes, that’s right, the chameleon of pop music. What would Bowie do if he was in charge of the education system? This is a question I have been coming back to over the last few months. With all the educational changes, upheaval and strikes, I have been thinking more and more about what would happen and change if Bowie was in charge.

I’ve been a massive fan of Bowie all my life, from the highs of Ziggy Stardust, Soul Man and The Thin White Duke, to the lows where he attempted dance music and tried to get down with the kids at late night raves. Bowie attempted all types of musical styles, even if it didn’t work out and his fans and critics were appalled with the outcome. Bowie didn’t care. He wanted change. He wanted to take risks. He wanted the challenge.

What would Bowie do?

When Michael Gove was replaced with Nicky Morgan, to me, this was an opportunity for change, a positive change. I kept this thought with me as I organised TeachMeet Dorset (#TMDorset) back in October 2014. I presented my thoughts that night on how David Bowie would make a difference as Education Minister. It was soon afterwards that Innovate My School got in contact as they had noticed a lot of interest about the talk via twitter. Innovate My School invited me to write an article on this very topic. The full article can be viewed here which was published in November 2014. Thank you to James Cain, Innovate My School editor, for his interest and publishing it.

When it was published I was attending TeachMeet Taunton (#TMTaunton) with my polished version of ‘What would Bowie do?’ presentation. I was lucky to be chosen as the final speaker ending a great evening with ‘Rebel Rebel’ blaring out loudly to the crowd. The evening was recorded and my performance can be viewed below:

Finally, the message from Bowie is, as teachers we mustn’t be afraid of taking risks and challenging ourselves. This would ultimately be raising the bar and could only improve teaching. If Bowie was running the Department of Education, change would definitely be on the agenda. It might not all work, but imagine the fun we would have. Think like Bowie next time you are planning and teaching. What would Bowie do?

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