Goodbye Mr Gove!

Goodbye Mr Gove!

A sigh of relief was felt across the UK today as Michael Gove, Education Secretary, become Chief Whip for the Conservative Party. His reign as Education Secretary was felt by all teachers and students, some in a good way but for many not so. Michael Gove said he had made it his “personal crusade” to close the gap between the educational attainment of rich and poor pupils. The impact he had will be felt for many years to come and the changes he made will also be debated for years to come. We won’t really know the full impact his changes have made for a few years.

What was Michael Gove’s impact?

– Almost 60% of secondary schools are now academies. There are more than 300 free schools open or approved.

– GCSE were scrapped and then reinstated.

– The qualifications system in England has been re-drawn, moving back to a much more traditional, exam-based model.

– A new curriculum has been rewritten with much controversy.

– The re-invention of school league tables

– The English education system, already separate from Scotland, is now fundamentally different from Wales and Northern Ireland.

– Creating a divide between teachers and the government.

The BBC have called Michael Gove a radical, controversial and divisive. He has certainly made his mark on education. For the last eighteen months, I have been actively involved in co-organising TeachMeet Dorset and Michael Gove was invited to five events. He was sadly busy on each occasion (even informing me 3 months after one event!) Hopefully, the new Education Secretary Nicky Morgan will be slightly more interested in teachers and education.

Goodbye Mr Gove! Anyone for champagne?

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