Education Blog Awards 2011

It is with great pleasure to announce that nominations and votes are open for the Education Blog Awards for 2011. I am very pleased to say that I have been nominated and have received votes from the readers out there in the blogosphere! Thank you!

Why do I write a blog? Since I started writing my blog in January 2010, I have learnt and shared new ideas from many different teachers. I really enjoy sharing ideas with other practitioners and learning a new technique or way of doing something. Sometimes we are left to our own devices and perhaps we should be talking and sharing resources on a more regular basis.

For the last few years I have found blogs a great source to further my understanding and learn new skills as a teacher. I have always said that a teacher never stops learning. Just like our students we as teaching practitioners are constantly learning new techniques on improving our methods we use in the classroom. This is part of the reason why I love teaching, it is never dull and is a challenge I relish on a daily basis.

Out on the ‘Blogosphere’ are some brilliant writers who share their teaching experiences, daily routines, ideas, schemes of work, lessons…you name it and teachers are writing about it! Reading about someone else’s experience can create and add to your armoury of activities. Some of the best writers out there are Ollie Bray, Dave Rogers and Alan Parkinson who I wholly recommend on reading. It is also a great opportunity to network with other teachers around the world.

If you would like to vote for a blog – please follow the link here on at the top right hand corner which will take you to the Education Blog Awards website to cast your vote. Good luck to all the bloggers out there!

3 thoughts on “Education Blog Awards 2011

  1. First of all GOOD LUCK (!) on the competition and congretulation on being nominated in the first place, a fact which I consider to be a reward of its own. Second of all, I am not yet a teacher, but I am aiming there, and this is how I got here. Reading you is making me feel better about my choice, as my own personal experience with teachers is not a positive one, and only a few of the teachers whom I studied under were really a source of inspiration. That is why I chose to become one myself, to do it with love and enthusiasm and to maybe be one of those few.
    Great to see others around the world write about education in a passionate way!
    Thank you for sharing, keep up the good work, and again – A lot of luck!!
    I’m off voting (and checking out your recommendations Ollie Bray, Dave Rogers and Alan Parkinson.)

  2. Arrrgh!
    I have just came back from and the voting is over… sorry for not voting and time but, I really meant to…
    CONGRATULATIONS – If I see correctly, you have won 3rd place on “Teacher Blog Of The Year” award!
    That is great Mike.

    Keep up the good work

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