Piet Kääpä’s First Book

My good friend Dr. Pietari Kääpä has recently had his first book published. Myself and Piet first met each other when we both studying at Southampton University, where he lived in the flat above mine. Piet has always had a love  for films and knows more about the movie industry than anybody I know. In the time since I left Southampton Piet has gained his Phd from the University of East Anglia and now lives in China. Piet is based at the Institute of Comparative Cultural Studies at the University of Nottingham Ningbo in China. His research explores transnational connections in the fields of Finnish cinema, European cinema and the global marketplace.

His book is about the films of Aki and Mika Kaurismäki. This work examines the films that the Kaurismäkis produced, individually and in collaboration, between 1981 and 1995 – films which mobilise various methods to reflect, criticise, counteract and contribute to the globalisation of Finnish society in the era of late capitalist development. This work provides an in-depth analysis of these films, exploring the aesthetic and narrative content of the films as well as their production and reception in Finland. The theoretical scope of the work situates the films not only in the field of transnational cinema, but also that of ‘post-national’ cinema. Exploring the Kaurismäkis’ films in a post-national framework points to new, emergent understandings of both the fragility and the persistence of national culture and identity in a globalising world.

Myself and Piet have had several adventures over the years where both of us can tell many a tale about each other. He is a character and I wish him well with his book which is available via the Peter Lang Publishing Group.

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