Phone’s For You!

The intrusive ringing and sounds of a mobile phone maybe the future of education. This is a very bold statement for a teacher to make. In the majority of schools mobile phones are banned, but that maybe changing across the country. Mobile phones are an untouched resource that could be more of a help then a hindrance.

The technology available to us as teachers is immense and is changing at a rate faster than we are able to keep up with. Students and pupils are far and away ahead of us as teachers when it comes to technology. As a teacher we are forever changing our teaching methods and resources. Mobile phones could help enrich a subject and make it more widely available for all students to participate.

This is not a new argument; The Daily Telegraph stated on 4th September 2008 that schoolchildren should be allowed to use mobile phones in the classroom to boost education standards. The Daily Telegraph was reporting about research conducted by Dr Elizabeth Hartnell-Young, from Nottingham University. She led a team into mobile phone research, and said: “While the eventual aim should be to lift blanket bans on phones we do not recommend immediate, whole-school change. Dr Elizabeth Hartnell-Young and her colleagues reached this conclusion after studying the consequences of allowing pupils in five secondary schools to use either their own mobile phones or the new generation of ‘smartphones’ in lessons.

“We believe that teachers, students and the wider community should work together to develop policies that will enable this powerful new learning tool to be used safely.

“We hope that, in future, mobile phone use will be as natural as using any other technology in school.”

Recently Dave Rogers wrote a great blog about all the features the iPhone offers education. Dave is the Geography Curriculum Leader at the Priory School in Portsmouth who is very enthusiastic about his subject. He clearly explains each app and its merits in teaching. For those of you who are interested in what mobile phones offer a teacher I thoroughly recommend looking at his blog.

Personally, I whole heartedly agree with this argument. They have so much potential for the classroom. Mobile phones will enhance a pupils/students learning. They will give students skills that they will use in the wider world. They will bring benefits that will deve lop our own teaching.

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